the Chinese Economy 2019 Autumn

Marukawa-Ito seminar 2019 Autumn



Day 1 (25th Sep) China’s Economic History (Marukawa)

Day 2 (2nd Oct) The System of Planned Economy (Marukawa)

Day 3 (9th Oct) Transition to Market Economy (Marukawa)

Day 4 (16th Oct) China and Asian Experiences: NIEs, catch-up, and beyond (Ito)

  Reading material: Transforming Asia, China Reshaping Asia

Day 5 (23rd Oct) Demographic Transition and Ageing Society (Ito)

  Reading material: Ageing Asia

Day 6 (6th Nov) Urban Labor Market and Unemployment (Marukawa)

Day 7 (20th Nov) State Budget and Financial System: From the Planned Economy to the Reform Period (Marukawa)

Day 8 (27th Nov) Digital China: Capability, opportunities, and risks (Ito)

  Reading material: Digital China, Innovating Asia, Innovative China

Day 9 (4th Dec) Technological Catch-up and Appropriate Technology (Marukawa)

Day 10 (11th Dec) Made in China 2025, High-Tech Industry, and the Revival of Industrial Policy (Marukawa)

Day 11 (18th Dec) State-owned Enterprise Reform, Private Enterprises, and Industrial Clusters (Marukawa)

Day 12 (8th Jan) Trade and Investment: Before and after the Belt and Road Initiative (Ito)

  Reading material: TBA 

Day 13 (15th Jan) The Future of Chinese Economy and The World Economy (Marukawa and Ito)

 Reading material: TBA